Brown Rice Pasta w/Sausage and Mushrooms

Here I am standing over a pot of boiling water filled with (what else?) pasta, thinking to myself "Is it even possible to get sick of pasta?" The answer, in my mind at least, is a resounding no. I know it's practically winter now but I still need to keep at least my normal weight. With Thanksgiving on Thursday I should really ask myself why I'm boiling pasta again. I think it's because I'm a sucker for any kind of pasta with mushrooms. I should mention it is brown rice pasta, which isn't exactly dietetic but than again I'm not exactly on a diet here...
The recipe calls for Tofurky Sausage and if you're thinking that's strange, you should really give it a try. I use the Italian Style Sausage. It's meaty and spicy and does not taste at all like tofu-I SWEAR! This recipe is one of my husband's favorites and that's why I'm making it tonight, as requested. It's filled with veggies and protien and just don't tell anyone that it's tofu and brown rice and they'll never know the difference!!!

Brown Rice Pasta w/Sausage and Mushrooms

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Package of Tofurky Italian Sausage, cut into peices
1 Medium Red Onion, diced
2 Garlic Cloves, minced
1-2 Stalks of Celery, diced
1 12 Oz. Package of Mushrooms, sliced
Freshly Cracked S&P
6 Sprigs of Thyme
1/4 Cup Dry White Wine
Brown Rice Spaghetti
Spinach or Asparagus (optional)
Parmesan Cheese (optional)

In a large pan heat up a drizzle olive oil and add the Sausage. Saute until lightly browned, once done remove from the pan and set aside. In the same pan add another drizzle of olive oil and add the Onion and Garlic. Once the onion is translucent add diced Celery and continue to saute for 5 more minutes. In the meantime set up a large pot with boiling salted water for your Brown Rice Pasta. Clean and slice the Mushrooms and add to the pan along with Thyme, Salt and Pepper. Once the Mushrooms are browned and the pan is hot, add your White White and continue to reduce. At this point I like to add some greens like spinach or asparagus. This time I used asparagus because it was already cooked but usually I use spinach. Add the sausage back into the pan. When the pasta is al dente scoop it directly into the pan. This will make the pasta a lot creamier. Mix together, top with Parmesan and enjoy!


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