Sushi Night @ Home!

For those of you who know my sister, Jacqueline, you know how ambitious she is with her food. She will try things that I would never even think to make on my own. Things like Baked Crackers with Almonds and Seeds or Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with Spinach and of course, Sushi. I mean there's a reason supermarkets and restaurants exist. We can't be good at making everything! Now I am by no means a Sushi Chef or anything near it for that matter, but seeing Jacqueline rolling up that Nori, I would've sworn she was adopted. This girl churned out sushi rolls like she straight grew up in Japan. OK I may be exaggerating a teensy bit, but the girl can roll. With a little confidence and a super sharp knife, you can roll too!

The whole process of making sushi is relatively simple and pretty fun once you get the hang of it. I am not a Sushi expert by any means but I am a food expert and I do know that making any out of the ordinary food yourself is ultra-satisfying. You should trust me on that one. I spend two whole days of Baking Class making just two trays of croissants. They were not the best I've ever had (I've been to Paris...) but they were certainly mine and eating them was the biggest reward of all. So if you feel that making your own Sushi is something you always wanted to try you should go for it because it is awesome! Croissants on the other hand, not so much. Let's get rolling!

Homemade Sushi

Bamboo Mat (for rolling)
2 Cups of Sushi Rice or Brown Rice, cooked according to directions
2 Tablespoons of Rice Vinegar
Package of Nori Sheets
Sesame Seeds (optional)
1 1/2 Lb. Ultra Fresh Tuna or Salmon

Some or all of the following julienned vegetables:
Sweet Potato

Spicy Mayo-
2 Parts Mayo
1 Part Sriracha Sauce

You will need to prepare the Sushi Rice first according to the package directions. Add Rice Vinegar and mix. Set aside. Cover your Bamboo Mat with plastic wrap or large zip-top bag. If using Sesame Seeds scatter them all over the Mat. Next, with wet fingers, pat down your rice until it covers about 80% of your mat. Press Nori down on top of the rice. Next layer your fillings in a single line on the bottom half of the Nori. Try not to get overzealous with your filling or your roll will become too large and the filling will fall out (I know this because that it exactly what I did). Once you have your fillings in place, roll the bamboo up over them, locking in the fillings with each turn. Keep rolling up until your sushi is one homogenous log. Cut into 1" pieces from the center of the log with a very sharp knife. Use your imagination to come up with your favorite combinations! Serve with Soy Sauce and Spicy Mayo and enjoy immediately!

You can use the Tuna raw or cooked. We simply seared ours very quickly in a non-stick pan with Olive Oil and Everything Seasoning. Any seasoning will do, even just Salt and Pepper.

Combos Shown are Tuna-Cucumber-Avocado-Lemon, Tuna-Avocado-Sweet Potato, Cucumber-Avocado and Mango-Sweet Potato-Cucumber-Avocado 
Lower Carb option- Just veggies and a little rice. Nori gets put down first, than veggies, than rice.

Combinations are endless.


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