Fennel Salad with Mandarin and Avocado

This morning I woke up and could not eat a thing. My stomach was bothering me (yet again!) and all I could have was a nice little cup of tea. Next thing I know its 1:30 in the PM and I am starving! Whenever I would get stomach pains my father would give me Arak (anise flavored liquor). He would say you can drink it, put it on your stomach, whatever. It was like the Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding for him. So going with that idea I decided to make one of my favorite salads that happens to be Fennel Salad! 
You can make this simple and delicious salad in minutes. The first thing you need to master is the art of cutting the Fennel (or Anise as some people call it). Always use a very strong knife! Or, a Mandoline! If you've never had Fennel before, it has a slightly licorice taste to it and the texture is almost like a celery but not as fibrous. Growing up I was never a fan of the fen, but now I am straight addicted to it so give it a try!

Fennel Salad with Mandarin and Avocado

1 Large Fennel, sliced
1 Juicy Lemon
3 Tbs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Freshly Cracked S&P
2 Mandarins
1 Avocado

First up! Slicing our Fennel. My favorite way to cut a fennel is to turn it on its side and chop off the top part. Next, keep a steady hand and keep slicing super thin in the same direction that you lopped off the top. Be careful of your fingers! Once you get to the end and it gets too difficult just remember, its delicious but not worth a finger. Next add your oranges. Dress the fennel and orange with your standard evoo, lemon, s&p. No need to get fancy. Slice up an avocado and voila! Instantly delicious and super nutritious.

 Tummy Cured! 


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